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A Fantasy Fest Event

All Hat No

Who they are:

Information provided by
The New Hampshire Gazette

      Our Participation:

      It's my intention to organize a group of individuals to attend this year's festivities dressed up as "chickenhawks" to mock the present misadministration both before and during the parade.
      Fantasy Fest is attended by 60 to 80 thousand people from all over the world, and we can have a real impact on the upcoming National Election by handing out pamplets.
      The chances of our group getting national and world wide coverage is great, because there are news agencies milling through the crowd, and we can ham it up for the cameras.

      The next page in this series will contain all the information you will need to plan your trip down to the Southernmost City in the Continental United States to participate in this "Chickenhawks for Bush" event.
      Reservations for lodging will have to be made, carpools can be arranged, maps will be provided, and local contacts will be made available.

      Please click on the worst pResident America has had to endure (below) to continue to all the information you will need to attend "ChickenHawks For Chicken-George":


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