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On Friday the 16th of September 2000 I drank a soda that was sprayed with insect repellant by a fellow employee (Roger) at The Eden House Guesthouse in Key West, Florida. I didn't notice the can was contaminated until I ingested the complete contents. Once I noticed the taste of the soda and the smell of the can I brought it to the attention of the Eden House manager (Bill). He confirmed the can had been contaminated with the insect repellant used by the employees, took possession of the can and said he (Bill) would talk to Roger about it. A few days later Mike Eden (the owner of The Eden House), Roger (the person that attempted to poison me), and I had a meeting and Roger admitted doing it and apologized for tainting my soft drink. Mike Eden's solution was for us to give it a couple of days and work it out between ourselves. I have violent alergic reactions and this person (Roger) could have done me great bodily injury. I have had a problem with this person (Roger) in the past with him pushing me around while doing my job at the front desk and brought this to the attention of The Eden House management also. Once the Eden House managment was aware that Roger was physicaly abusing me at the front desk they changed his schedule so he wouldn't have access to my phyical body. It was on an evening shift he (Roger) tainted my soft drink so I would drink it the following day. Mike Eden bought sugar free diet coke for me and I clearly wrote on the top of the can in pager and magic marker " Do Not Touch". After careful consideration I now see the danger this person put me in by tainting my soda with a substance that clearly states "WARNING: For external use only. May cause eye injury. Do not get in eyes or mouth. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with lips, open cuts or irritated skin. Apply in open area and aviod breathing spray mist." I had to deal with this person for 2 1/2 hours a week but by his attempted poisoning of me he has made me fearful for my life and the life of others he comes in contact with.