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On Saturday the 16th of september 2000 Helen came home after her shift At The Eden House and informed me she thought a fellow employee had tainted her soft drink at work. She was in shock and disoriented and wondered if something like that would really happen to her. I advised her to let Mike Eden (her employer) and Bill (the front desk manager) know what had happened. Bill confirmed the soft drink can had indeed been sprayed with the insect repellant the Eden House supplies for their employees. On Tuesday of the following week after Helens shift Mike Eden, Roger, and Helen had a meeting at the table in the lobby of the Eden House. I sat outside the open doors to wait for Helen and overheard the conversation. It was then Helen was victemized a second time. I heard Mike berate Helen and tell her "You don't get along with anyone here", "You must have done something for him to do this to you", "give it a couple of days and work it out between yourselves" and other comments such as this which minimized the seriousness of what Roger had did and cast the blame on Helen. After the meeting was over I distictly heard Roger say "I'm sorry I did that to you, and I'll never touch your stuff again." I heard Helen say "How could you do something like that to me?" and Roger reply "I'm sorry, I'll never do it again". I then heard Helen say " I hear what you're saying, Roger, but I don't accept your apology". She then left the building, we got in our truck and drove to the Sunbeam Market discussing what had just happened. I thought it was important that we empathize to Mike Eden the seriousness of what had taken place and we went back and confronted Mike in the parking lot of the Eden House. I asked Mike if he realised the seriousness of this person tainting her soda with insect repelant and he said yes. I asked Mike if he knew that Helen has violent alergic reactions and he said Yes. I asked Mike if Roger had did this to his wife or to one of his daughters would he still feel the same way and allow this person to remain on the premises and work with the general public. He said I don't know how I would react if it happened to my wife or daughters. During this conversation Mike Gordon (mikes tile setter) was presant as was Bill (Mikes front desk manager). I then asked Bill if he knew before the meeting that Roger had did this and he said yes. I asked Bill if Roger had poisoned his soft drink would he still be behind the desk. Bill remained silent. I add this because I want on record that 1) Mike Eden and his staff victimized Helen a second time after the knowlege of the poisoning, 2)Mike, Bill, and others at the Eden House knows without a doubt that Roger tainted Helen's soft drink with a poison, 3) Roger is still there working with the public at large and is capable of assaulting innocent people, and 4) Mike Eden Has created a hostile work environment at the Eden House not only for Helen and me, but for the public at large. Helen has been severly tramatized by these events and is in fear for her life as well as the lives of the people Roger comes in contact with.