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Welcome To Cayobo's Spirit Page

I would like to introduce you to Cayo.

He may be young, but don't let that fool you. He is full of vim and vinegar.
Although I am Captain of this Powerful Pirate ship, I have placed Cayo in charge of all my Spirit Shouts.
Hear him ROAR!

Cayo's Spirit Shouts

Posted 8/18/98

It's true I am a Pirate. I am strong and I am sly. To get you to cast your vote my way, I surely won't be shy. If you come and see my site, I'm sure that you will see, the only way to cast your vote is to vote for me.

Calling all ye Pirates, heed the conch shell blast. We must work together, if our voyage is to last. On stormy and uncharted seas does our vessel float, the only way to steady her is to cast your vote.

Now, if you cast your vote for me, your Captain I will be, and we will win this fight against this stormy sea. So climb aboard now matey, and we'll set our coarse due west. All other teams will hear our shout " The Powerful Pirates Are Best".

Posted 8/19/98

"The Powerful Pirates are the best", we shout it far and wide! Our foes may try to run away, but they can never hide. We leave them in our frothy wake, or on some deserted Isle; There's not a team in the world, that can beat our Pirate style.

They shutter when they see us, and they buckle at the knees. We win the worthy battle then hide out in the Keys. We divie up our booty, and tall tales do we swap.Our Powerful Pirate Spirit, no-ones gonna stop.

As night falls on our Island lair, the fireflies do fly; somewhere high above us, a star falls from the sky. The moon sets in the distance, as we bunk down for the night; Leaving us to our dreams, of our next Site Fight.

Posted 8/20/98

We rise before the Sun does, and in our galley feast; after much discusion we decide to head due east. Towards the morning sunrise, we head out for our prey; we'll trounce them into submission till we hear them say: "you are the Powerful Pirates, our votes we give to you; you've beaten us fair and square, this we know is true.

Our stores are filled with gold, gems and rare delites; we sail across the bounding main, in search of more site fights. From victory to victory, we savor every one; our crew we know is the best, below the rising Sun. We sing and dance and drink our rum, thats how we celebrate, to win each and every bout , that is now our fate.

We are the Powerful Pirates, before us you must kneel; helpless you're there watching, as all the votes we steal. You look at us in envy, you wish you were like us; if this were land and not the sea, we'd leave you in our dust. As this day now is ending, we hold up in a bay, counting up the riches we've gathered on this day.

Posted 8/21/98

They tried to thieve us, matey! They tried to steal our cache.; had it not been for kikat, our treasure would be their stash. In Pirate form she spied them, up high in her crows-nest; nothing gets past kikat, our lookout is the best.

We've beaten our opponents, every day this week; now its a place of refuge, a resting place we seek. I retire to my cabin, a parchment I bring out; I pick and chose a special place, and then send out a scout. Through coral reef and mangrove maze, by Mermaid he is led; "Your slightest wish is my command", she turned her head and said.

"Then take us to an enchanted place, where we can get some rest; this crew of Powerful Pirates, need to feel their best". In weeks to come there's battles, battles we must win; then at her call there surfaced, a pod of Blue Dolphin. She guides them to a special place, that only Mermaids know; soon they will discover, the wealth thats down below.

I had a really fun time this week creating my Spirit Page. Next week I will introduce "Caya" my Mermaid friend. She will guide my Powerful Pirate Crew below the waves for the enchanted treasure of the Mermaids.
Thank you all for participating in this with me. We qualified each day.

1 Treasure chest for each day of voting.

These are the awards we won this week.

Two parrots for my Spirit Shouts.

Six treasure chests for votes recieved.

Spirit Shout for week two

Cayo's Supporters

Thank you Marjie

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