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Cayobo's Spirit Shout

Hi, I'm "Caya".

I have offered to guide Cayobo to our hidden treasure beneath the sea.
This page has been sprinkled with Fairie dust.
There is no need to hold your breath, there is much magic here.
Join us on our magical adventure through our next bout in The Site Fights.

Caya's Spirit Shout

"Greetings, Powerful Pirates, your guide I now will be; my friends all call me `Caya`, and I'll take you beneath the sea. Around the world we'll travel, I'll guide you through this maze; it'll be a prize when you feast your eyes, on all the treasure we raise. Through magic and through wonder, both you and your ship will; once again gather the vote, till you've had your fill".

Then by some Mystic Power, while I was at the helm; our ship and crew decended, into her watery realm. 'Neath frigid and warm current, she showed us hidden gold; now listen to this briney tale, the story first time told. A turtle and some dolphin, an occasional manatee; who knows the kind of treasures, we'll discover beneath the sea.

Above us there were clouds of shrimp, as many as a stary sky; and swimming alongside were flying fish, soon we'd find out why. Seahorses swam up forward, and were lashed onto our bow; with seaweed rope they'd braided, they then began to tow. Soon thereafter we saw it, we beheld a glorious sight; a coral reef would be our treasure, this time in our Site Fight.

We saw how it was teeming with life extrordinaire; I'll try to tell you here and now, just what we did see there. The crabs they all scurried, the sea floor they kept so clean; and all around us parrot fish, would one another preen. The jelly fish pulsated gently, in droves they drifted by; the angel fish looked at us, as if to ask us, why?

Why were we down here, and what were we looking for; then Caya pointed to the reef, and magicly opened a door. The sunken treasure of the Atocha, and the Santa Margarita too; and with a wink and smile she said, "I saved this all for you". All the sea creatures helped us, including the octopi; fill our store with golden votes, and then we said "good-bye".

Once again by her power, we were swept far far away; we found ourselves floating, in the center of a bay. Surrounded by ice, as never before seen; the land was all frozen, there wasn't one blade of green. We shivered in our timbers, confused were one and all; then up from the depths to greet us, rose a great horned norwhal.

Its spiraled horn did sparkle, as it blew off a large flume; and up ahead before us, an ice berg there did loom. A herd of tusked walrus, waved as we sailed on by; above us a flock of friget birds, filled the frigid sky. Below the berg we descended, to where not one of us knew; we placed our trust in Caya, to us she would be true.

We heard the whales all singing, their message true and clear; to collect the votes is the reason, why our ship is here. Our crew then gathered on the deck, and hand in hand we sang; across the sea the mighty sound , of our shanty rang. "We are the Powerful Pirates, we even sail under the sea; when you're ready to cast your vote, be sure to vote for me".

"Your vote is our treasure, its gold to us you know; there isn't a place on this earth, for it we wouldn't go. Through tempest and through mighty storm, our crew will venture brave, and in our rustic treasure chest, your valued vote we'll save. We are the Powerful Pirates, we never beg or scrounge; we sing this shanty so you'll vote, for Cayobo's Reggae Lounge.

Just as we started singing, sea creatures far and wide; came from their hiding places, and swam by our ships side. It was an underwater ballet, put on for our delight; they sang and danced throughout the day and far into the night. Then at the golden break of day, we saw a far off coast; "Here", said Caya, "lets rest a bit", and she proposed a toast.

"Heres to all the Pirates, who travel far from home; the treasure is always with you, where-ever you may roam. All you need to do, is look beneath the sea; to see the living treasure, the fish, and mammals and me. We are your true treasure, we're fragile and we're rare; so when you come to visit us, we pray you do take care".

"Please don't teach your trash to swim, its such an ugly sight; some of my friends get caught in it, thats always such a fright. The Earth is ours and the sea too, its important that you care; so when you visit my wonderful world, the treasure you'll see there. You can make it last, forever and a day; and we can make this place we live in, a living legacy".

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Site Fights Spirit Counter

I would like to thank each and every one of you that have been supporting my effort in The Site Fights. We recieved a perfect score this last week. We had 60 voter points, and 5 Spirit Shout awards.