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Cayobo's Spirit Shout

Here we go Pirates, its on to round three; theres no way of knowing , what we may see. We've sailed across the sea, and been beneath it too; we've come all this way, and its all because of you. Your faithfulness is, the wind in our sails; and your votes do inspire, these magical tales.

As I sat wondering, what would be next; a mystical wind, came out of the west. Our ship was then lifted, up high in the sky; on currents of wind , did the flying fish fly. Far above land, and sea did we go; we wondered what bounty of treasure they'd show.

We traveled round the world, as if on gossamer wings; we tasted different spices, and saw exotic things. We flew past Ceylon, where the cinnamon grows, and to the far north, where a river of ice flows. We danced through the night, with vestile virgins bare; and we traveled the globe, without a single care.

We traveled to the south, and saw Roos jump downunder; and far in the north, we heard Thor's mighty thunder. We sailed beneath the sea, and saw its mighty treasure; we sail among the clouds, 'cause its all for our pleasure. We fight the good fight, and we win every bout; We're the Powerful Pirates, and we carry the clout.

Our fights have been fierce, and our fights have been close; but when we're down to the wire, we come up with a double-dose. Two lefts to the face, some rights to the gut; and while they're seeing stars, they get a stiff kick in the butt. When they think they're ahead, we give them "what for"; and at the end of the week, we show them the door.

We are The Powerful Pirates, and we've earned the right; to boast when we Shout, in every Site Fight. There isn't a crew, neither here nor there; who with our Team Spirit, you can compare. "Cayo" is great, and he's getting some rest; and "Caya" we see, is passing the test.

Cayobo's Supporters

Thank you Marjie

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