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Spirit Odette Comments : When I saw his site I was agast because I realised I had no idea that there was such a spirited fighter that we missed!! Wow! His cheers are great!!! He records his shouts for his first week!!! Great shout it outs!!! His little Pirate and his two adopted pets!! WOW! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spirit Geoffrey Comments: Cayobo is one of the few cheering and truely Spirited Pirates still fighting...He gives his cheers in a different sort of way, and made him stand out to me... Here is one of his cheers: It's true I am a Pirate. I am strong and I am sly. To get you to cast your vote my way, I surely won't be shy. If you come and see my site, I'm sure that you will see, the only way to cast your vote is to vote for me. Calling all ye Pirates, heed the conch shell blast. We must work together, if our voyage is to last. On stormy and uncharted seas does our vessel float, the only way to steady her is to cast your vote. Now, if you cast your vote for me, your Captain I will be, and we will win this fight against this stormy sea. So climb aboard now matey, and we'll set our coarse due west. All other teams will hear our shout " The Powerful Pirates Are Best". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DSpirit Comments: WoW a Fun Site here filled with Powerful Pirate Spirit. This site you can Listen to some Sweet Reggae Music, Learn about Reggae Artists, and mmmmmm, enjoy Authentic Caribbean Recipes. Awesome Recipes, a bookmark site. For I love to try New recipes myself. Whoa Lives on the Island of Key West, Florida, must be nice *giggle* I love it down there, he gives you the chance to read all about Key West. This Spirited site's Spirit Pages holds all his Treasured Memories of his Fight so far, with 3 Spirit Pages to share his adventure with you. Your sure to see the True Spirit of the Pirates through out this Wonderful enjoyable site. See the excite he shares with us, through his shout out Cheers and his friends he has meet and the Fun he is having. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Please show your Site Fight Spirit and send Congratulations! Archer & Cayobo Don't forget to sign their guestbook! Please check back and see the next winners! "Make A Difference"