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Welcome to Cayobo's Spirit Page

"Its me, yes, I'm Cayo, and I'm back from my rest; I see while I've been gone, you've been put to the test. But Caya's been true, to her word I do see; our treasure is great, we have a vast bounty. Ahead I see bouts, and the fighting will be fierce; but fear not, my mateys, our loss will be scarce".

We're sailing our ship, into the fighters Warzone; but we'll break up their vessels, and leave nary a bone. With daggers and swords, and our cannons full blast, we'll set them all running, with their flags at half mast. Our courage and stamima, and perseverance we'll see; will lead us to another side, for a Site Fight victory.

The Archers Arrow came close, but his arrows fell short; and Smile2U's Club, have built themselves a fort. We sail on enlivened, as our lookout does shout; "All hands on deck, while I show you the route. Lift ye the mainsails, theres no time left to rest; the fightings begun, we must give it our best."

"The seas are rough, but we're a little ahead; its time to send the competition to their sea bed. We've seen what Cornholio's, Homepage can do; he too will be sunk beneath the Briney Blue. We are the Powerful Pirate, lets show them it's true; what our faithful voters, really can do."

"Come on now ye Pirates, we must lift up our voice; we need to show all the others, that we are the choice. Our team Spirit, and our Pirate Shout; is one of the things that will win the bout. So lift up your voices and say it out loud; I'm a Powerful Pirate, and I'm strong and I'm proud."

"Votes are valuable, votes are a treasure; we never give them up, to a who or whatever. A vote is something, that you must seek; because if you don't, you're score will be bleak. So follow my lead, I won't steer you wrong; and you too can sing, in my victory song."

"We are the Powerful Pitates, we sail to and fro; there isn't a place, for your votes we won't go. Although we're ahead, our Spirit won't slack; when we give voice to the Spirit, we're on the right track. So fill ye our sails, with your Spirit Shout cheer, our voices do bring, the the Site Fight victory near."

Cayobo's Supporters

Thank you Marjie

!!!We came in at 2nd Place!!!
I'd like to thank everyone who sponsered me throughout The Site Fights, and all those who casted a vote for my efforts.
I had a great time creating all of this and it's my hope that you all enjoyed it.
Although The Site Fights are over, please feel free to pass this journey on to your friends.

I'm always interested in your thoughts and comments, so be sure to sign my Guestbook or drop me a line.
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