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The Destination

The Moon, that ancient orb forever circling this place we call home was a sliver of orange that night. Hung low in the evening sky, one felt sure this was the sinister scythe which put the life of the Sun to an early end. The air was still; the sky clear and clean. The potpourri of scents sped by unnoticed by young Robby. He never saw the reflection of this sinister scythe shining off the hood of his newly waxed and polished Buick like some forboding omen of impending doom.

These signs of the times raced past him uninterestingly. His thoughts were trained on Sally. Barely seventeen and quite cute, she was the only thing that captured his mind on this long drive through the suburbs toward her house in the country. Tonight he wondered if their relationship would pass from the mutual masterbation stage to the next level.

So he drove in silence. Absorbed in thoughts of him touching her and her touching him. And to touch was his intent. To dream of her foreven one more night seemed unbearable. It had been weeks since they had the time to explore each others new found desires.Desires he knew which would run rampant at even the slightest touch; desires which that darkened, lonely, wooded area nestled far from civilization would liberate. There would be others there, but in the privacy of his oversized back seat they would soo forget everything about the world surrounding them.

As he rounded the last bend in the road he could see the lights in the distance whiched marked her parents' house. All he needed to do was roll up the gravel driveway and she was through the house and out the door. Robby was impressed. Sally had been waiting for him at the window on the upper level of the house where her room was. You see, she too looked forward to this evening. At seventeen, she found there are always new discoveries to be made about yourself and those of the opposite sex. And since Robby was nineteen, she felt sure he would reveal things about herself she hadn't even imagined yet.

As Sally approached his car, Robby reached over and opened the door for her. Sally slid delicately across the seat and sat next to him. Robby commented on how nice she looked. He kissed her on the cheek and they sped away casting the loose gravel in their wake. As he drive onto the main highway, they shared some small talk about how they had mised each other, what they had been doing, and the great expectations each had about this evening together, then Sally tuned in the radio to her favorite rock station.

During a newsbreak, the announcer informed everyone in the region that there had been an escape from the "Institute For The Criminally Insane".The media had labeled hgim "The Stripper", because five years ago when he was first captured, U.S. Marshals found strips of his twenty five victims littered throughout his shack and drying in the Sun. He had appantly been eating their flesh, and by the amount of stored blood, drinking the essence of their life. The announcer further noted that there had been no progress during "The Stripper's" incarceration. He was at large, considered dangerous, and was to be avoided at all cost. At that, Sally said she didn't think it was such a good idea they go to their remote spot lit up only by the stars of the night. But Robby would hear nothing of it. "I'll be your hero", he said, and they drove into the darkness toward their destination.

As he turned off the main road, Robby switched off his headlights and traveled through the lane guided by his parking lights. The path which led three-quarters of a mile thruogh the wooded area was well defined. Young lovers for untold generations familiared this lane. Since there has neverbeen an adverse incident recorded, the authorities paid little attention to the activities of the evenings here. As a matter of fact, as adolesents, many of the oficials throughout the county spent their evenings here planting the seeds of their families.

But this evening would prove different. Sally commented on it first, " There are no other cars here, Robby". Even as she said it a chill ran up the back of her back and made the hairs at the nape of her neck stand. Robby had an eerie feeling too, but he shook it off. He glanced at his watch and told Sally it was still early, they wouldn't be alone for long.

As he opened the car door, the interior light shined in squares around the car. Robby stepped into the darkness and hels the door waiting for her to exit also. The sound of crickets filled the air; a deer bolted through the underbrush. Reluctantly, Sally stepped into the darkness and stood by his side. The uneasiness insider her subsided as Robby put his arms around her waist and drew her near to him. Although He wasn't very musculer, Sally sensed a manliness that made her feel comfortable. She melted in his arms.

When he opened the door to the back seat, she was ready to accompany him to their private world. Robby entered first and reclined on the overstuffed seat. Sally grabbed ahold of the interior door pull, stooped low enough to enter the car, when something at the edge of the darkened wood caught her eye. She froze. Unaware, Robby reached over and pulled her into the car.

Only she was aware of the footsteps hurrying to the car. Pushing herself franticly away from him, she lifted her head up to look out the window. For a split second she saw the ragged rock which struck her in the forehead between her two blue eyes. The blood immediately streamed from the wound which blended with the blood that poured from her nose and dripped into Robby's mouth which was agape in both suprise and horror. Her warm blood filled his mouth swiftly. His natural reaction was to swallow, but before he could chose to either swallow or spit, th Stripper's blood splattered arm reached in and grabbed Robby by the throat and sqeeezed. Robby retaliated by clutching the huge forearm, but it was useless. Sally's body, collapsed body atop him in an unconscious heap. prevented him any leverage and hindered all hope of escape. He soon felt his body writhe in uncontrolable convulsions. Robby welcomed the cool darkness that approached him as a soothing retreat from the maddness that invaded his world.

To Be Continued.....