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IOMEGA PocketZip:
For use with your laptop or desk top... transfer data in an instant!
For all your zip storage and transfering needs.

Archive data, share important files, burn and erase CDs... this baby does it all!
Lean and mean, this "point and click" record/erase device fills all your data and audio needs.

 Sleek, compact and ultra cool... The Hip Zip goes where you do playing what you want to hear!
This compact audio player is the hippest player on the planet. Small discs are the rave!

A People Company

One of the things you will like about Iomega is they care.

Your needs, thoughts and comments are valued assets in every phase of the Iomega experience.

You may buy Iomega's quality products online from the convience of your home or office:

Buy all your Iomega products safely and securely online direct from Iomega!

Join "Club Iomega" and share in all the opportunities Iomega has for your enjoyment both on and off the net.

Join Club Iomega for free and share in the technological wealth!

Iomega FotoShow

Your Photos on the go:

The hottest device on the market today for sharing all your photos anywhere anytime!!! FotoShow is affordable, portable and compact.

Share all your photos anywhere... at any time... on any television!!!

For use in homes and at the office, Iomgea's FotoShow brings your photos to life.

The most versitile and affordable video device with all your needs in mind.

Iomega technology
Compact and full of storage
Made especially for you!!!

Iomega's Predator

Rippin' and Shreddin'
The World Wide Web

Rip MP's, CDs, audio and text files on the go. Shread it baby!!!

This cutting edge external driver allows you to:
Create and convert MP3 files
Quickly and easily rip CDs
Share audio and video files
and much more!!!

Invest in your future

After careful research and consideration I have discovered Iomega's wealth and knowledge.

Not only are Iomega's products cutting edge at the top of the line, their investment opportunities are outstanding.

If you're a long term investor or in it for the short term, this link will answer all your questions about the value of future PC devices.

This is the link for all your Iomega product and stock information. Stay up to date with what will be in our digital future!!!